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1.  Make your presents at least five minutes before the regular timings of school.
2.  Never run after entering the school prtemises. Never speak loudly. Be in assembly timely.
3.  Bring stationary,diary,desired books and note books regularly.
4.  Do not converse in assembly. Perform Saraswati Vandana with full concentation.
5.  The tiffin box should be brought daily and have your tiffin classwise at one place.
6.  Don't distrurb any object and article of your school. Maintain your class furniture. For    handling the furniture carelessly the students would be responsible for any kind of damage.
7.  Never throw the pieces of paper and garbage here and there. Always throw it in the dustbin, put outside the class. Co-operate in keeping school neat and clean.
8. Be in queue while going to assembly, to drink water to play outside the class or for any other work.
9. The students are required to send leave application with the reason of leave, duly signed by their parents/guardians.
10.The name of the student may be struck off in case of his/her absence from class form ten days continously without any leave application.
11. Co-operate the class monitor in absence of class teacher/subject teacher in the class.