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1. Guardians are requested to go through the diary of student every day.
2. Take necessary action regarding the information and directions given in respect of the student from time to time.
3. Send the informtion regarding the character and conduct of the student so that action from may be taken in order to all round development of student.
4.Send tiffin for lunch with student every day without fail.
5. Express and make us aware about your views regarding teaching system and education methodology.
6. Send the student in prescribed uniform everyday.
7. Co-operate us in all round development of the student taking the invitation of your participation in programmes, ceremonies and parents meeting seriously.
8. The complaints and suggestions should be written in student diary on proper place.
9. Kindly be ensure that the student is doing his/her home work and study regularly. Also have a watch and check his home work and class work. Observe the marks obtained by the student in tests and examination.
10. Camps, excursions, tours, national festivals, conducting of ceremonies, games and sports cometition are parts and parcel of the education. They play viral role in the development of awareness, courage, co-operation, national-feeling religious harmonies, patience, capacity and general knowledge. Thus the parents/guardians are requested to encourage the student on these occasions.
11. Neither give money to student nor send them school with precious ornaments or wrist watch.