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Education Means the social order to promote rational outlook, scientific temper and creative thinking. It should also imbibe the qualities of truth and beauty, justice and courage which should enhance the quality of life.

The aim of education is to develop, mature and strengthen and individuals potentialities and utilize them for betterment of humanity. The fulfillment of this aim largely depends on the dedicated and devoted services of teachers.

Vaatsalya more then being a chronicle of elements and events of the academic year, is a source of creation, the outlet of inspiration and the dream of aspiration. Our children are our major goal. The school in my opinion, should be a miniature society, where student can practice to become a good citizens in the real world.

As well as learning to read, write and compute, children must learn ethics, ideals and social values. The rediscovery, affirmation and instilling of old values and morals are of course large, not just enunciated, so that we are not consumed in future.

Let us, as teachers and parents, lead our children to be the partners of progress, creators of culture and makers of density.

I am sure that the Vaatsalya School shell strive in this Endeavour to do the best.

My Best Wishes


Vijay Arora


Vaatsalya Education Society